of leisure hotel guests didn’t drive themselves and Hotel guests need your services! Whether you are UBER or LYFT or any other ride sharing company, be the very FIRST choice for hotel guest needing transportation.
When your transportation service is exclusively featured on the hotel room keycards or sleeves, you become their first, and often only choice for transportation services. Exclusivity rates available*

Salon & Spas “25% of hotel guests are looking for salon/spa services and 72% of them are NOT affiliated with hotels and guest are seeking you!
Hotel guests have disposable income. So make sure that your salon or spa is the first one they see. Advertising on hotel room keycards and sleeves is a proven way to do this. Act NOW!

Tours & Attractions ( Not sure if you have an image for that yet) The image will say exactly that ” Tours & Attractions” Then ” 48% of hotel guests will engage in paid recreational activities and $644.9 Billion is specifically spent on this annually!”

Be the chosen activity for the day hotel guests are looking for authentic memorable experiences, and delivering that is not possible if they don’t know you’re there. Your tour, attraction, museum and or art gallery placed directly onto the hotel room key cards or tirfold is a sure way to bring them in.

For Nightlife on the image ” Nightlife” then also: “32% of hotel guests will visit a bar or nightclub during their stay and $155 is spent on average in the U.S. for entertainment/alcohol/finger foods.”
Most hotels don’t have bars, and trends are showing guests are moving further away from using in-room amenities. Being the featured bar, pub, or nightclub on the hotel room keys or brochure is a highly coveted way to engage with a customer base”.

With one third of the travel population looking for places to drink and be entertained, being right where they have to look when they get ready to enter their room is an easy way to capture their attention – and if you include a special offer their first choice will be obvious!


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