Real numbers about hotel guests

Advertising in front of your local community works, but you can only show them the same ad so many times and have it turn into folks buying what you’re selling.  There is an entirely separate flood of potential customers, ready to buy what you are offering, and they are staying in hotels, motels, hostels and […]

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Is advertising with Yelp really fitting in your marketing budget?

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses that are paying a pretty penny to advertise their business on Yelp, through their paid advertisement programs.  What a lot of people don’t realize, is that yes Yelp ads do work, but the cost per lead is questionable, depending on your business type, and demographic. If you’ve been thinking about […]

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Why bother marketing to travelers?

Travelers have their wallets out, and they are looking to spend. In fact, the average hotel guest spends $144 per DAY during their stay. And as you can see from the numbers above, the myriad of things they do this spending on. Any business owner should want 3 fundamental things for their business: 1. Lower […]

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Travel is Top Priority for Americans

The travel industry is thriving more than ever these days, with business and leisure travel more popular than ever. The U.S. Travel Association accounted for 1.7 billion personal trips within the last year, as leisure travel makes up for about 76 percent of all US travel. With the increase in travelers’ desires for authentic experiences, […]

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How Millennials are Changing the Travel Game

As we all know, Millennials are changing the faces of industries across the world, and travel isn’t immune from the millennial influence. In fact, businesses that aren’t utilizing different marketing methods for reaching different generations may be missing the mark when it comes to differentiating between Millennials and other generations. Millennials and Baby Boomers have […]

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Neuromarketing Tactics and Studies

Science is leaking out of field-specific industries and moving towards new domains. One such domain is the advertising industry that needs more sure-fire ways to attract consumers. This lead to the advent of a formal study to observe what affects consumer behavior. Neuromarketing, as it is called, tries to understand what kinds of marketing images […]

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Print Vs Digital Ads, is newer always better?

The emergence of digital media as a medium for advertising is bringing forth a revolution that seems to be displacing print media in the marketing business. The increasing popularity of digital media is making several businesses question the current relevance of print media advertising. Answering such questions would require in-depth research on the advantages and […]

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Importance Of Tracking And Testing In A Direct Marketing Campaign

Every business strives to organize an effective marketing campaign that will help with the influx of consumers. Today’s advertising market is highly saturated with solutions that are limited to the internet and the online world. These have the disadvantage of being volatile because once people look away from their screens, it’s gone. This gives brands […]

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How To Pick Your Business’s Color Scheme

With new businesses popping up every other day, the market is becoming increasingly saturated and competitive. This is why every brand needs a unique factor through which buyers and potential customers can remember them. Colors are the simplest way to do this since its psychological effect is what pivots their decision to buy. Long before […]

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Advertising In The Travel/Tourism Industry

Many service and retail industries require a marketing strategy that will promote their business. This is why many industries pay large sums of money to find a perfect advertising solution that will help increase the influx of consumers, which will increase profits as a result. Surely the idea of advertisements bringing in several customers can […]

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