Direct Marketing vs. Social Media: Which Is Better For Small Businesses

When it comes to managing a small business, there’s nothing more crucial than marketing it up to the standards that bigger brands maintain. This is because smaller businesses are constantly at risk of losing out to larger brands, which can offer reduced prices and discounts at the drop of a hat. Hence, it’s a requirement that smaller businesses make an effort when it comes to marketing their products so they can keep up. However, what kind of marketing they should opt for is the real question.

Direct Marketing For Small Businesses

This method allows a small brand to have an up-close and more personal interaction with their target audience. It’s a more effective means of grabbing their attention because their physical nature makes the brain perceive them as more real than digital messages. Using personalized messages and packaging will all charm the receiver and prove to them that your brand can handle and even their expectations. Nothing tells a customer that your brand gives them undivided attention more than sending individualized messages. This is due to the innate quality of wanting attention that all consumers have and there’s no method that can convince them more than an attempt to understand them better. Consumers are drawn to this emotional approach and it is exactly what will set your small business apart from others. This serves as a personal interaction between your brand and the consumer which is highly valuable.

Social Media For Small Businesses

Marketing through social media forums has recently gained great popularity since it is cheaper and appeals to the tech-savvy population. Incorporating this component into a marketing strategy for your small business can have a positive effect on your brand. One of the things you’ll find social media to be extremely helpful for is a means to address complaints and receive feedback. When it comes to a certain issue, query or complaint; it’s possible that more than one person faces it and it’s important that you address them in a way that is efficient. A social media platform such as Facebook can allow this so you can simply apologize for discomfort individually and then link it to your brand’s website. Having accounts on social media platforms allows small businesses to reinforce their brand among members of the target audience. Posting pictures tweets and videos can have an impact on the audience and gives them insight into the things you do. Social media can also help you track customer activity and learn about the few ones who post more feedback, share, etc. As a small business owner, you can use this information to target a specific group of loyal customers and offer them some benefits which will make them stay.

Which Is Better?

When it comes down to this question, the only answer is both. Direct and social media marketing can’t compete with each other because neither will win and they both provide something that the other doesn’t. This makes it important to implement both of them to create a proper marketing strategy.


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