Hotel Key Cards

The most in-demand ad space in the travel industry. Hotel guests have no choice but to see your message several times per day. Front or back, get exclusive ad space NOW!

  • Seen by hotel guests an average of 6-10x per day
  • Exclusive ad space for an audience waiting to spend
  • Availability is VERY limited
  • 10-20,000 guest impressions average turnaround!

Be Seen By Hotel Guests 6-10x Per Day!

That’s right. On average hotel guests use their key cards 6 to 10 times per day! The only way that marketing on hotel keycards doesn’t work for your business, is if there was something wrong with your message. Don’t worry though, that’s why we’re here to help.

Exclusive Ad Space For A Captive Audience

One of the reasons this advertising has become so in-demand over the recent years is because the hotel guests have no choice not to see your message. This makes them a “captive audience” to get your message across to. If you could get your message out directly to 10,000 people actively spending in your area, what would you say?

Availability Is Extremely Limited

Most hotels know the value of their room keycards, so they have strict limitations on who they allow to be featured on them. If you are lucky enough to be notified of an availability near you, don’t hesitate to snatch it immediately. This is a great and proven program.


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