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    Our product offers a win/win/win situation for advertisers, hotels and their guests.
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    The Ad They Can't Ignore

    This is the most valued advertising space in the travel/tourism industry, make local visitors a captive audience to your message.

    Our offerings include

    “Be exclusively serving hotel guests by being the obvious choice for where to spend”
    "Eliminate Competition" then "Hotel guests will only see YOUR ad on the front of the room keycards,
    Sleeves and/or Door Hangers and NOT next to a list of your competitors!

    The guestcompass promise

    “Advertising on the guescompass platform puts your message directly into the hands
    of thousands of potential customers every month”

    Hotel Key Cards

    The most in-demand ad space in the travel industry. Hotel guests have no choice but to see your message several times per day. Front or back, get exclusive ad space ..

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    Trifold key card sleeves

    If you could put your message directly into the hands of people who need your services, what would you say? Instantly be their first impression Be right where they’re looking ..

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    The most underutilized product for advertising your venue! Let us help you create yours! On average DO NOT DISTURB door hangers are used on average atleast 1 time per stay. ..

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    Our studies show the number of tourists visiting casino resorts has risen in recent years. 57% of tourists often view gambling as a leisure activity option that they can participate ..

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    More Tour Attractions

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    Customers with high levels of disposable income. Travelers’ needs are immediate and their needs cover a broad spectrum of goods and services – dining, nightlife, entertainment and shopping. These people will be carrying your ad with them, reminding them to visit your establishment! Advertise to this diverse group of people and watch your sales soar!

    Your Business In Their Hands

    Be the first one they see and throw your competition aside. Hotel guests are actively looking to spend their money.

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