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The guestcompass products protects hotel guest keys from damage that can cause them to be inoperable. guestcompass will enhance your relationship with local advertisers. Our advertising is always from family-friendly, non-offensive establishments. You also have the opportunity to connect with targeted advertisers that you believe would be a good match for your hotel. We work in partnership with hotels and advertisers to make it a win/win relationship!

guestcompass goes one step further than ordinary key holders.. hotel guests also receive value from the coupons and advertisements contained on the carrier. Your hotel will be remembered as the place to stay on their next visit.
We work with hundreds of hotels in the United States & Canada and mexico to bring you quality direct-response marketing programs that actually work. Not only do these programs work for the clients who advertise, but they work for the hotels on our roster as well!


Dining on the top of the image along with: “96% of hotel guests will dine out at local restaurants and 32% of hotel guests will have their food delivered from a restaurant!” special offers and being the first one seen gives hotel guests incredibly compelling reasons for visiting your restaurant, ..

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Bars & Nightlife

32% of hotel guests will visit a bar or nightclub during their stay and on average $155 per vacation is spent on alcohol and food in the U.S. Most hotels don’t have a bar, and trends show guests are moving farther away from using in-room amenities. Being the featured bar, ..

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Vape Shops & Dispensaries

Less than 3.4oz/100 ml of liquid is allowed on a plane – Travelers who vape have to buy local! $95 is what hotel guests are spending per day on average for vapes and or cannabis. Hotel guests are looking for your shops! Federal regulations only allowed a very small amount ..

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Real Estate

35% of extended stay travel is due to relocation and 56% of home buyers purchased a home based off of non-digital advertisement. The right place at the right time impulse relocation aside, it’s no secret that many folks who stay in hotels are looking to buy a home, and when ..

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20% of leisure hotel guests didn’t drive themselves and Hotel guests need your services! Whether you are UBER or LYFT or any other ride sharing company, be the very FIRST choice for hotel guest needing transportation. When your transportation service is exclusively featured on the hotel room keycards or sleeves, ..

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Salon & Spas

25% of hotel guests are looking for salon/spa services and 72% of them are NOT affiliated with hotels and guest are seeking you! Hotel guests have disposable income. So make sure that your salon or spa is the first one they see. Advertising on hotel room keycards and sleeves is ..

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