Is advertising with Yelp really fitting in your marketing budget?

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses that are paying a pretty penny to advertise their business on Yelp, through their paid advertisement programs.  What a lot of people don’t realize, is that yes Yelp ads do work, but the cost per lead is questionable, depending on your business type, and demographic.

If you’ve been thinking about spending your marketing budget on Yelp ads, one thing to know is the pricing is not advertised, and is quoted like car insurance, so in other words there isn’t a static pricing platform for every business. However, there is a general average pricing in cost-per-lead that folks we’ve talked to are paying, and according to Venturebeat, here’s what one business they spoke with is paying:

Average Yelp budget

$300/mo – 500 targeted ads per month

$540/mo – 1200 targeted ads per month

$825/mo – 2100 targeted ads per month

$1100/mo – 3000 targeted ads per month

Let’s look at their lowest rate structure. Sure, you could potentially see five hundred new paying customers for that $300, but let’s say you’re a pizza restaurant that has an average ticket size of $20.  If all 500 clicks on your ad converted into folks having pizza at your restaurant, you paid roughly $1.60 just to make that twenty dollar ticket. Let’s say you only saw half of those ads turn into a customer, you paid about $3.30 for each of those 250 customers…You get the idea.

The Bottom Line

$300/mo for their minimum ad space program, you are paying $3,600 for only one year.

So why guestcompass?

We provide you with not 500, not 3000, but 10,000 targeted ads, and it’s a mere fraction of the cost. We’re talking only spending a few pennies to sell that $20 pizza.  Call us today and find out how we can do this for you. 619-365-5272


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