The Importance of Advertising to Hotel Guests

While it is important to make the guest’s stay as memorable and exhilarating as possible, it is also important to remember how valuable it can be to advertise to this segment of the market. Businesses should not put an end to their marketing efforts once they have acquired customers. It is extremely important to incorporate different marketing techniques throughout the entire stay of the customer.

Before a customer chooses a particular hotel, there are different marketing efforts put forth by the business such as increasing the exposure through SEO strategies, sharing information about amenities and other attractions offered by the hotel, and making the booking process convenient through the use of a booking engine.

Once the booking has been made there are some very effective marketing techniques that you can use to build a memorable experience or attract other prospective guests.


Whether you have an in-house concierge or opt for an outsourced one, having the concierge build a relationship with the guest prior to check-in is always a good strategy. By helping the guest plan the whole trip, you can use this time to market activities and amenities that the guest is not aware of yet. You can also use different promotional offers to upsell rooms.

Loyalty Program

Great hotels such as Marriott have a strong loyalty program which gives incentives to frequently returning members. By having a loyalty program, you can acquire exactly what the name suggests – a loyal customer base. Moreover, the frequently visiting customers are the ones that are more likely to promote your name through word of mouth.


Using CRM software to gather information about your guests can help you provide them with a personalized service. This personalization of service will build a positive image of your brand in the mind of the customers and work effectively towards making the stay memorable and unique.

Review/Online Check-in Rewards

Guests today are expected to actively use social media platforms to share their experiences. Platforms such as TripAdvisor and Yelp ask visitors to give reviews about different names in the industry so that other people can make better decisions. Having good reviews is a sure way to win other potential


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